October Recap | My month in 4 photos

Ah, October. What a lovely month. I did not realize how much I challenged myself at writing these blog posts of recapping my months in so many photos.

I want to share not just what I did, but also what I learned, and what I anticipate to learn in the month that follows.

I am not a photographer, simply just taking snapshot to remember and embrace life’s moments.

I will spare you the boring details of school. You’re welcome. 😉

This photo might just look like a photo of me in my Keds, standing among fall leaves with the last of summertime flowers. And that’s exactly what this photo is. But I thought I would use this photo as a opportunity to talk about what I learned in October.

In order for the next season, the old one must fade. For there to be new flowers in the spring, the flowers and leaves of the past season must die.

That can be a bit of a depressing thought. But if you know me, we’re not going to focus on the negativity, rather we’ll focus on the positive.

It’s a beautiful thought, really. Even though we cannot see the flowers that are going to bloom in 7 months, we know they will come. Even though we can only see the dead leaves on the ground, we know that in the spring new ones will grow.

It’s called being hopeful and having faith.

Even though I cannot see what God has for me and all I can see is what I have to give up, or what’s not working out…I have faith and am hopeful for the next season.

I call this one ‘A whole latte love’. Too cheesy? Sorry.

But my lovely sister-in-law made me this latte after an impromptu weekend at my sister’s baby shower, and a weekend with my brother and my sister-in-law.

I cannot espresso…I mean express…how much I love my siblings.

Just last night I got to go to the movies with my older brothers (I have a lot of siblings!)
and we listened to Christmas music…but that happened November 1st, so more on that when I do November’s re-cap. 😉


Live music is my favorite music. As represented with this photo.

I love talking about music, listening to music, and making music.
So this might become a habit for me to talk about music in these little re-caps.

My Sunday school group took a road-trip to see Crowder. But I just need to take a moment to talk about the opening band The New Respects (as pictured), AMAZING.
So talented, and after the concert we got to meet them and they’re so nice.
If you’re looking for new music, I highly recommend them. They don’t have an EP yet, and they don’t have too many followers and fans, so show them some love and support, y’all!

And last but not least, my Sunday school teachers hosted the loveliest Halloween\Fall party.I had the privilege of helping make decorations and set-up.
And possibly the best part was the s’more bar. I was quite excited about all the goodies and how it turned out.

Like look how autumn-y that looks. I couldn’t think of any better way to end October than with friends and family. Sitting around a bonfire, drinking hot apple cider and laughing.

Those are the moments I live for.
If that’s all life added up to, then every moment I am alive is worth it.
Nothing feels better than a smile from a friend.
Nothing is more rewarding that hearing someone laugh at your cheesy joke.
Accomplishment isn’t found in materialistic things, it’s not found in extraordinary opportunities.  Rather, it is found in the silence between swapping stories and the moment you sit back look around and realize this is life. And you’ve been blessed.

Au revoir,

Anna Joy

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