How to Breathe.

Step one, shoulders back, relaxed.
Step two, inhale.
Step three, exhale.



Possibly you thought this was going to be a complicated and philosophical blog post on life. And it might be. But perhaps the problem with life is that we over-complicate it.
We have learned what happens when we inhale, all the intricate workings of our lungs expanding and heart beating.
And every function of our bodies delicately turning the gears of life.
But we don’t have to think about it.
We don’t have to figure that out.
Your body does it naturally.

It’s so complicated, yet so un-complicated.

So just breathe, my friend.

Life keeps going. Expanding. Beating.

If you overthink breathing it becomes complicated.

“Do I inhale now? No…now?”
“Has my exhale always been longer than my inhale?”
“Do I breathe too quickly?”
“Is my heart beating to rapidly?”

I used to lay awake at night wondering what would happen if I would forget to breathe.
My mom reassured me that I will never forget to breathe.
Because one never reminds themselves to breathe, anyway.
I  figured out that’s probably because we are never taught to breathe, our hearts never learn to beat. It just is.

The things that are meant to be, happen naturally.

Let it go, and breathe.

I asked my mom what would happen if my body forgot to breathe as I sleep. Would I die?
She told me to go to sleep, and not worry about it because as you sleep you still breathe.
In the morning I would wake up, still alive. Huh, my mom was right.

Life keeps going. You don’t have to worry about it.
You are allowed to rest even in the midst of your crazy life.

You don’t have to think to breathe, you don’t have to worry about living.
You don’t have to worry about making everything in your body do its job,
so why do we become worried about making every part of our lives work out?

Perhaps life in its literal self, is the greatest analogy to life in general.

Life will be okay. Stop thinking about it. 

One…two… three.




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