Why Throwback Thursday?

Hello lovely people,

Let’s just one thing out of the way: yes, I know…I know…I am a history nerd. But I am going to make history as interesting and *hopefully* cool as possible. (Stop laughing, now.)

I grew up watching films from the 40s and 50s. Despite the fact that I once said that “black and white movies are boring”, I now greatly appreciate them.

I remember the moment my dad introduced me to Abba, Dancing Queen and Super Trouper were my jams before I even knew what a jam was.
My mom and I both  love singing along to Karen Carpenter (aka the lead singer of the Carpenters), maybe it has something to do with having a lower ranged voice…or being the kid sisters in our families. 🙂

As a Christian, I always wondered how my love of history applied to my faith, but there are many incredible Christians that made history, too. Not to mention that the bible is actually an incredibly detailed historical document.

Right, this is probably sounding boring…back to exciting stuff…

I was the girl that grew up reading American Girl books, and the history actually amazed me. I listened to the Andrews Sisters as I read about Molly in the 1940s.
And I loved going to Colonial Williamsburg as a kid…okay I still do, I told you I am a history nerd. It’s not my fault my parents raised me this way…I grew up watching Master Piece Theatre…BBC is the best when it comes to producing historical dramas. *stands up and applauds*

I remember the first time hearing about Audrey Hepburn,  appreciating her style, and mostly appreciating who she was as a person. A true legend.

And don’t even get me started on Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Like let’s just appreciate this photograph of them from the set of Mary Poppins (1964):



I guess it’s childhood memories for me. I can’t remember when I truly started loving history, probably an accumulation of many happy memories and inspiring moments.
I know people think history is lame or boring,  but you just have to learn the right kind of history. Sitting in history class probably isn’t the most fun thing for people (thankfully I am homeschooled…ohhh…that explains a lot about my nerdiness love of history).

Like I said, you have to learn the right kind of history. Something that connects with you.
I am definitely not an expert, just a fan.  Thankfully there’s a lot of history, and lot of interesting things have happened.

People say they wish time travel existed. News flash, it does.
Every history book you read, every museum you walk through. When you watch old movies it’s a look into the past, every old song captures the sounds of these world changing moments and impacting times. You have the opportunity to hear and see what people heard and saw nearly 100 years ago.

We live in the greatest age to look back on history, online galleries of never before seen photographs are at our fingertips. Countless archives are at our access.
Sadly, we live in the age where it seems like no one cares about history, there’s no respect or appreciation.

Then here I am…a seventeen year old that cares too much about too many things and one of them happens to be history. So here I am, with my little blog and big ideas.

Why Throwback Thursdays? Because maybe through talking about vintage fashion, retro music, and the interesting parts of history we can all appreciate the important parts of history, too.

When people say history is lame and boring, I think about all the fun things they’re missing out on. History spans thousands of years, so just remember how much happened and how much you are dismissing with that statement.
So if you think history is boring, please stick around, if I can’t convince you otherwise, then you may continue thinking that it is boring. It’s a challenge that I am willing to accept. 🙂

You have to find your favorite things in history, mine include the fashions and the music.
So a lot of my posts will revolve around that, but I am sure there will be much more, too.

I know this isn’t an official Throwback post, it’s just talking about why.
But I wanted you to know why it’s important to me. This was a bit of a personal throwback. Because sometimes it’s your own history that makes you appreciate others’ history.

When I say I don’t remember when my love of history began, it’s probably because I was born into a family with interesting and confusing genealogy and history that’s as intriguing as a novel. (Maybe I will write a novel about it someday…) *winky face*

au revoir,
Anna Joy


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