“Think About Such Things” | Misc. Monday

Hello lovely humans,

I was thinking last night about people I should look up to and people I shouldn’t look up to.

I think a lot about the verse in 2nd Corinthians 6 that talks about being equally yoked with people. We apply to marriage a lot, which is awesome. But it also goes for all relationships, and last night I realized that it applies to who and what we surround ourselves with.

With so much social media, it’s easy to follow people that aren’t necessarily “bad” people, but they might not be the best example for us.

We end up getting these blurred lines of what’s okay and not okay.

I listen to a lot of music, and some of the music’s themes and lyrics probably aren’t the best thing to be pouring into my life all the time.

I realized certain people I watch on YouTube aren’t living the best examples, or saying things that are good things.

But if this is what you see and hear all the time, you end up filling your life with too much negativity, or even doubt.

Don’t compromise your beliefs or ideas to fit into things of this world.

Be bold in what God has called you to do. Be courageous in who He has made you to be.

If you have to ask yourself if people are a good example to you, then the chances are they’re not.

Just be careful who and what you allow to be in your life, it can end up dragging you down more than you anticipated.

As we go into this new week, I encourage you to apply Philippians 4:8 to your life,
“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

Are the people you follow, are the things you listen to and watch helping you to stay focused on what’s right? Or is it distracting you?

Just some food for thought, since people say you are what you eat. Haha.

Au revoir,
Anna Joy


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