Why I Stopped Waiting For Tomorrow

Hello lovely humans,

Do you remember being little and making big dreams?

I do, it really wasn’t too long ago.

I would look myself in the mirror and say, “By the time you’re 11 you’re going to be famous.”

By famous I meant, “I’m going to star on Disney channel.”

But I can’t act.

So life moved on, and more “realistic” aspirations, goals and dreams filled my head.

I wondered what it’d be like to be an author and have fans anticipating your next novel to grace their shelves. I wondered what it would be like to be a singer and go on tour.

And all at once I realized, you don’t get readers anticipating sequels, and fans standing in crowds anticipating your show…not immediately, and maybe never.

To be an author, you first have to write something, anything. That’s the beginning.
I think often and fondly of the day I first penned my book (which is still my WIP…it’s a long journey). It was three weeks before Christmas. It was cold and snowy. I wrote over 35 pages, front and back, in a little notebook. And that was the beginning.

To be a singer, you have to sing something.
2 years ago, I started a YouTube channel posting covers. From there I auditioned for The Voice. I no longer use that YouTube channel, but gosh, the things I learned and the people I met. Some of the best moments.

I was always waiting for my someday. The, “someday someone will hear me…”
the “maybe one day I will be famous…”

I don’t really want to be famous anymore,  because I realized I don’t need to be famous to be doing what I love.

In life, you never truly get to do just what you want to do.
Unless you make yourself do them.

You can’t get to the top of a mountain unless you climb.

*don’t say it, Anna…don’t say-* It’s not about the destination, but about the journey. *oops, I said it.*

I am trying everyday to live in the now, and stop living in the maybes.

I am continually waiting for the next day to come along, because maybe that’s the day something great will happen. But the problem with that, is that you miss the opportunity to do something now.

You also forget that to get to point B, you need to start at A.

I want to publish a book someday, but the book just won’t magically appear.
I have to work on it, plotting, writing, editing…etc.
Eventually it will be finished, but that eventually won’t happen if I don’t do something now.

And that’s just life. So stop hesitating, stop thinking someday something will happen.
Nothing is going to happen unless you get up everyday and make things happen.

It might take time, but all things take time.
So just enjoy everyday. And never stop dreaming, and never stop trying.

au revoir,
Anna Joy


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