End It

I think my first introduction to human trafficking was watching Taken.

Sadly, not every girl has a dad that can save her. As much as I am sure many mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends long to be able to go and rescue their loved ones.
They can’t.

One person solely cannot single-handedly take down a sex trafficking ring.
But, it starts with one. Telling another…telling another…standing together until we join forces. Standing together, because it takes all of us.
Using our voices, using our social media platforms, using our resources and opportunities to see this come to an end.

I am sure that I first wanted to see this end because I couldn’t imagine myself in such circumstances. I think it would be anyone’s worst nightmare.
I kept thinking about all the poor girls that were forced into this.

Then my nephews came along, and I cannot imagine how it would feel if anything happened to them as I learned more and more about child trafficking and exploitation that happens too often within the realm of modern day slavery.

As I look towards my future –like a lot of girls– I think about being a mother.
I am not scared of pregnancy, I am not afraid of my abilities as a parent…but what scares me most about bringing children into this world, is the very  world itself.

And I recognize that many parents must feel that way. Many aunts and uncles must feel that way about their nieces and nephews. There are probably thousands of people thinking and worrying about it, over loved ones that are close to them.

This isn’t just about me wanting to make the world a better place for me, or for my kids someday. I want to see this atrocity end for the people now. And tomorrow. And the next day. Because when the sun goes down tonight, the fight doesn’t end. The fight ends when slavery ends, so be in it to end it.

If we have the opportunity to make a difference and to make this world a safer place, why wouldn’t we take that opportunity?

This isn’t a just a girl problem. This is boys, girls, men and women; this is humanity’s problem and it will take all of us fighting against it to see it end.

Join the movement, Today, February 23rd, 2017. Draw a red X on the back of your hand.
If people ask you about it, talk about the cause of raising awareness to end Human Trafficking. Take a photo of it, post it on any social media platform with the #EndItMovement

It barely takes anything to raise awareness. It’s not an inconvenience, I promise.

Use your voice for the voiceless. Join the movement, make a difference.



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