“What Are You Doing?”

The question of the year has been, “Anna, what are you doing after you graduate?”

The answer may vary.

For so long I have avoided this subject, I wanted something to happen that might detour my route away from college. Then I actually liked the idea of college. Then I got into a stream of feelings of uncertainty.

I don’t know what the long-term plan is, but college seems like a good stepping stone for me.

The truth is, I don’t know what I want.

I have gone between so many dreams and goals, so many career paths and opportunities.
I feel like I am floating in the middle of the sea, completely uncertain of where the wind will take me.

But there’s one thing I will forever be determined to keep in mind no matter what I do or where I go, I wrote it down in a note months and months ago, and this note to myself will forever be my reminder to live for something bigger than myself.

This is the note that I wrote myself, and the note I will try to fulfill everyday of my life.

“Live for something bigger than yourself. Use your freedom to set others free. Raise your voice for those that are silenced. Use your education not against others, but to educate others.
Don’t lift yourself so high up that you put others down. Give more than you get, and live.

If I am doing it for myself then it’s not really worth it, but if it’s done for others, then it makes all the difference.

As  I am getting ready for college, I am making a choice. I am deciding that whatever I do, I will do it to help others.

I am not looking for a career, I am looking for an opportunity.

I have the opportunity to get an education, I know others do not get that privilege or right, so I shall use my rights to help others, my education to educate others.

Don’t get so caught up in your life that you forget to look outside yourself.

Live so others can live.
Give so others can give.

I  know college is a lot of work and a lot of money. But I refuse to allow myself to complain.
Because I am thankful and blessed that I even get the option to consider going to school. It would be selfish of me to complain about that option and worry about it.
Especially when there are people that don’t even know if they will live to see tomorrow.

I am choosing to get an education so that I can use it to help others.”
So when I reply with “I don’t know.” to your questions about what I am doing after school, I really mean, “I know the motive, I just don’t know how I’ll achieve it.”

I am excited to see where life (well, God) takes me. šŸ™‚

au revoir,
Anna Joy



7 thoughts on ““What Are You Doing?”

  1. Sarah J Callen says:

    Thank you for sharing! The beauty of knowing your motivation is that you can achieve that no matter what you’re doing. That can stay consistent as you change majors, change jobs, move, etc. What a great perspective!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeneca Z says:

    Thank you for this post… it made me look at the college path a little differently. I’m stuck in the middle of that sea of uncertainty with you, but I even though college is expensive and hard, I keep hearing that: your getting educated to educate and help others. That should be the goal. Your not necessarily doing it just for yourself.
    so thank you, Anna. šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anna Joy says:

      Oh my word, I am so glad to hear that this helped you like that. šŸ™‚
      Glad to know I am not the only one, I know that God is leading us all to the right places, in the right moments and seasons.

      Liked by 1 person

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