Hometown; an unknown mission field?

With graduation approaching, I have had this urge to want to do something crazy with my life. And for a while I have been praying over and looking into missions.

There’s a few programs I have considered that would take me across the world, I would see extraordinary places, meet incredible people, and experience many cultures.
Which all sound awesome, I want to travel and reach the world for God. I mean, that sounds pretty amazing to me.

I keep restlessly going back and forth between so many options–it’s getting annoying. *rolls eyes* nothing is really fitting my heart or *clicking* with me.
It will for a moment, but the next minute something just doesn’t feel right about pursuing it.

I have looked everywhere for some kind of extraordinary opportunity.

The one place I haven’t looked…my hometown.

There’s homeless here.
There’s teenagers dealing with depression, anxiety, and facing suicide here.
There’s human trafficking threats here.
There’s drugs here.
There’s addictions here.
There’s poverty here.
There’s broken hearts here.

Here is a mission field too. There’s an opportunity here too.

Maybe there’s a reason I am here.

Maybe the reason other places don’t connect with my heart for missions is because I am trying to put my heart in the wrong places.

I am not saying I am not going to see the world and shine God’s light in other countries (because I think we all secretly want to). But as long as I am here or there, or somewhere in between–I am going to do what I can to reach others.

I don’t want to stay here forever, but while I am here I might as well shine a little light and maybe help someone’s life.

Even in a little way.

Don’t turn away from the ordinary, sometimes the ordinary is the opportunity for something extraordinary.


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