7 Texts You’ve Sent to Your Bestie

Hello lovely people,

It’s been a while, but I’m kind of back. *Throws confetti*

And, I’m going to make a series about friendships; long distance friendships, internet friendships, best friendships, etc.. Posts about relatable things (like this post), and some posts with advice. If there’s anything you want to read aboutor need advice about, comment below or talk to me on Twitter.

This is 7 texts you’ve sent/received from your bestie.
Featuring my real-life besties, Grace and Brooklyn. (Sorry girls.)

1. The text you send before Skyping.


This might apply to long-distance friends more, because texting just is not enough sometimes. And even though you might know each other’s schedules better than your own, you still double check to make sure you can Skype them, because dealing with the pain of them not answering is too much.

2. The mock, the tease, or insult text.


Our pet names range from boo to brat. There’s no in-between.

3.  The Boy texts…


And then to deter them from stalking, this might happen….


Gosh, my friends are the worst.


4. The Wedding planning texts.

You might only be 16 and 17 and more single than an anti-social introvert in solitary confinement… but the speeches have been written and you know exactly what dress colors do not suit your bestie.

89.99% of the conversation is planning the wedding and having deep conversations about who’ll get married first. Whoever it is, you’re so ready for it.


5. The Emoji Conversations


Yeah…that’s pretty much it.

6. Fashion Advice and best friend coordination. (Very important.)

I wonder how much money we’d end up spending if we actually bought everything we wanted to buy.

7 (and 8). The “Miss Yous” …and the Genius idea texts.
(My best friend happened to send both in one go. Good job, chicka.)


And through it all, they’ll always be the ones who will be there for you no matter what, and they’re probably the only people you reply to within ten minutes.
I mean…if we’re being honest here.


What’s the best text you have ever sent or received from your best friend?


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