Little Bit Of Fashion // A Little Bit of Vintage Vibes

Hello lovely humans,

I’m not a fashion blogger but I am writing a blog post about fashion.
And I am pretty excited about it.

I’ve been wanting to write and talk about fashion since I started this blog, and I finally figured out what kind of fashion posts I wanted to make.

This is going to be how I style different outfits and hopefully give advice and inspiration for your wardrobe. My Pinterest boards are far better dressed than my closet  (just bear that in mind, I am far more fashionable in my mind than I am in real life).

Like I said, this is my first post like this, so I apologize in advanced for the un-ironed top (I am a blogger, not a superhero), and I apologize for un-perfectly styled photos.

Let’s get real, everyday life fashion is nothing like Vogue.
This is a real girl’s on-a-budget wardrobe. My style, not Dior’s.
Unprofessional, but wearable and real.

That’s what you will find in my fashion posts.
So if that’s your kind of fashion, honey, keep readin’.


I really want to focus on ways to style outfits to give them some vintage vibes.
If you know me, I say “vibe” way too much, and I have a deep appreciation for vintage things.  I don’t always wear vintage-y outfits, but when I do, these are the key looks and outfit styles I tend to gravitate towards.



Can we just take a moment to appreciate that collar?

This was one of those shirts I saw and thought, “Huh, I think I’d be an idiot to pass up a Perter Pan Collar this glamourous.”


The color was the one bit making me hesitate in purchasing this top, the green-ish yellow is not in my usual color-spectrum. But sometimes, you have to step out of the comfort zone to find your style.

The reason I love a top like this is because it’s so effortless.
That’s the reason I love every outfit in this post. I am a fan of effortless fashion.
There’s no pressure to accessorize this top, it does the job on it’s own.

If you’re wondering what I pair this with, my go to is black skinny jeans (with literally anything), some cute flats…or heels. And usually hair up in a bun so nothing gets in the way of showing off this darling collar. (I wondering how many times I’ve said collar in this post.)


This is a shirt I wondered if it truly fit the vintage style, but something about that embroidery is taking me back to the old school days of fashion.

I do want to say that a  majority of my clothing I find at thrift stores, they’re given to me, or I buy them at those (fantastic) discount clothing stores. And there’s absolutely no shame in that. You can style high-end looking outfits without spending high-end prices.
But, because of how I collect my wardrobe, I don’t have links to share with you to find items similar to these. (Sorry, so sorry.)
However, a shirt like this could possibly be found at Anthropologie.
I know, that’s high-priced, but sometimes they do have sales. Or check out places like Thred-Up that sometimes have unique and brand-named clothing for LESS.

(This top was purchased at Thred-up.)


Again with the details. Not much needs to be added to make this outfit look put together.
Get yourself at least one embroidered piece of clothing, it’s now a vintage wardrobe essential.

This top is a-symmetrical, which I didn’t know I would love so much.
But it adds to the uniqueness.
Again, tops like this don’t need much to go with them, simple slacks (aka black skinny jeans) and some flats or sandals.


My go-to accessories
; get yourself some studs.

Pearls are iconic, especially when styling vintage outfits.
Unique studs, like my bird earrings, add to  the little details. And tie-in nicely to the floral embroidery. Nature and nature, it goes together.

(Bird earrings are from Lauren Conrad, similar ones can be purchased HERE.)



It’s not a Peter Pan collar, but I still let it in the club of “OH MY GOSH THAT’S CUTE”.

Maybe you’re not into vintage, that’s cool, maybe you feel like a hipster.
So dear hipster, let me introduce you to the vintage hipster vibes.


This top might be my favorite to style. Look at that lace. Look at that collar. Look at that flowy bit at the bottom. (Totally a professional here.) Just…yes.

If you want to make it hipster, here’s what you do…

You put your hair into a braid, you get yourself a hat. And *boom* hipster vibes.

(See? I know what I’m talking about.)

You want to make it more vintage? Here’s what you do…


You take that braid, and you pin it back. Add some pearl studs. *boom* vintage vibes.


This outfit, is best paired with flats, oxfords, or suede booties. (I am a really big fan of boots, as you will see if I make more fashion posts.)
Again, this top is pretty effortless to style. I found this little bow-tie necklace, and it’s the best to pair with collars like this. It just adds that extra detail of cuteness.

I hope this post brought inspiration, if you have any questions there’s a comment section below where we can totally chat about fashion.

If you’re interested in following me on Pinterest, click here! Because I think my Pinterest boards are better dressed than me. (The struggle.)

If you want more posts about fashion please let me know, I am pretty nervous about this.
I know it’s a bit different than what I have posted before, but I really have been wanting to start blogging more about fashion and design. So let me know if you like it, or have any suggestions for future posts like this.

Thank you lovelies!

au revoir,
Anna Joy


6 thoughts on “Little Bit Of Fashion // A Little Bit of Vintage Vibes

    • Anna Joy says:

      THANKS SO MUCH!!! That’s so sweet of you! ❤️ My style changes up, so every blog post will definitely have its own flare to it. But I definitely hope to write more posts about fashion!

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